My Final Goodbye

Pure Pleazure

There'll be so many words that can express the way I feel
We've been apart for so long... time has dried up the tears,
Things are different now, my attitude has changed,
Emotions that I felt for you were left back in the day.

Let's go back to the night the moon and stars above
Romance turned to passion, love to lust...
Do you remember that girl the way we were back then?
Our love is now a candle burning to its end.

I used to think that there was no other girl for me
Until I opened my eyes and you changed on me.
Commitment was the last thing on your mind.
Now you leave me no choice but to say goodbye.

This is the last song I will sing for you
After this we're finally through
These are the last words you will hear from me
My final goodbye, this is the last time

Uh oh uh oh na na

No other girl could've taken me away,
Away from the pleasure, the love that we made.
We went to heaven and back my love.
Now there's no way in hell, no ifs, ands, or buts.

Faded away is what our love did.
I showed you the way you kept your feelings in.
I'm tired of trying to work things out, another chance?
There's no way, no how



Yeah, uh oh uh oh na na, yeah

This is the last song
These are the last words, yeah
This is the last song
This is the last time

(Chorus 2x)

Na na na na (2x) oh...
Hey hey hey goodbye oh...

Composição: Anthony Ponzio / Mykl AstorgaColaboração e revisão: >F.NATION02

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