In & Out Of Love (with Denisha)

Pure Pleazure

I took some time to think about the way we used to talk,
You told me many things & how he did you so wrong,
So now that your with me girl you claim that your in love,
But you hurt him really bad can't you see what you have done,

I didn't mean to hurt him,
I didn't mean to make him cry,
But I had to end it somehow,
I thought everything would be alright,

I get whisper, in and out of love, we're most understand
Things go always work out the way that we're than to be
In & out of love, in & out of love
Feelings in that fade or grow
You fell in love in and out of love with me
In time you'll see and you'll be in and out of love

Can't you see he understands & he's looking out for me,
Even though he has your heart there was a time that I held the key,
I wish I had you back so I could prove my love to you,
You know that he's my friend & you know I still care for you,

I could never come back to you,
We had a chance in love,
Believe me I thought all about this,
& he's the one that I want,


You know I wanna be with you
(Denisha background),
But I can't if he still cares
(Denisha background),
What can we do let's give it some time,
Time will heal the wounds and you will be mine,

(Chorus 2x)

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: >F.NATION02

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