Ah what's crack-a-lackin zr's and shit
Ya know DJ the boy brooklyn's own masses
It goes

[Chorus: Ras Kass]
Ahha if you like the way it goes
Keep it ra-ra big bank money and hoes
Look at ma-ma ohh wee losing her clothes
You get na-da bitch please go work them hoes
Ahha if you like the way it goes
Keep it ra-ra big bank money and hoes
Look at ma-ma ohh wee losing her clothes
You get na-da go work them classic saving hoes

[Verse One: Ras Kass]
These niggaz rowdy-rowdy never rains in Southern Cali
Only clowdy, howey hit the valley in black Denali's
Like I am Johnny Gotti street on me they rock Armani's
Sorry somebodies baby mama got fucked liked Oochie Wally Wally
Probably I will be ariving early at my platinum party
Poppin wheelies on a Decardi
Bacardi got me arrogant, grouchy and cocky like jocky
I be to complicated to copy can't stop me
Cock lockly my block is craving for brocolli
My nuts to big homey they got me walking notly
I pop three collars at a time that's mine my dimes in every rhyme oh oh
(fuck 'em)


[Verse Two: Ras Kass]
So quick so fast young niggaz in the street is quick to blast
So get your cash up mad and sag your pance see that's the show
They them bitch niggaz like eskimo
Cops better be ro-bo we refuse to move slow
Yet know Ras-y Kass-y at Hard Rock Cafe with Floyd Mayweather
Cussin out the ballet, shoes by ballets
Keep a nigga on his toes like ballet, keeps a bitch like Cali
Next to me how I scooped a movie or I slang
with big drinks, big smokes, basically big thangs
So kick box before with get in your ass like shit stains
Bitch jock aka we switch names
I am Donte, ain't really much more to say
I speak latex like my plastic tongue like parquet
Son of-ma-bitch that's how I lossed my fiance
She said say my name I came and said Beyonce


Yaknahmsayin niggaz that ought to do it gunplay
Wordplay which ever way y'all want man
Y'all can do it either way you knom'sayin this is straight hustling shit
Don't get it twisted nigga
Filthy ass niggaz get thoose hands out yo pockets knahmsayin
We will see you whenever you wanna be see nigga
You know'mean get layed down anyway you wanna get laid down nigga
Get your shit together man rasey kassey man we hate y'all
Connection in Brooklyn connections in Cali anywhere in between nigga
In between your girls thighs how you want all war nigga let's go

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: filipe torres

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