Black And White World


I used to see in color
But now it's only black and white
Black and white

I used to hear your voice
But now I can't make out the sound
Not a sound

And in the solitude I've crafted for myself
I cry a single tear for beauty left unfelt

I used to smell your presence
Like fragrant roses on the wind

The sweetest fruit is tasteless
I reach to touch, but nothing's there
I'm grasping only air

And in the emptiness felt deep inside
I search for memories of what real life was like

When hope is gone and love has died
There's only emptiness inside
And all the colors drain from sight
My world is left in black and white

My hands reach for you
Can't you feel them
Don't you know I'm there
Your heart is holding back
Let it go
And feel the love rush in

Don't think about the future
Don't think about the past
Just hold the moment next to you
and make it last

Let me in
This is too good to be wrong
Make me live again
And I will make you whole

Run together, along the beach
Tumble laughing
That dream's not out of reach for me
Fading shadows on the sand
Don't give up now
Simply put your hand in mine
At the ocean, touch the sea
Feel my presence
as though you're standing next to me
On other shores, where you're my girl
And pull me out of this black and white world

Take my hand now, hold it tight
Feel my presence
And know that it will be all right
At the ocean, touch the sea
Feel my heartbeat
And know that this was meant to be
Love will lead with us in tow
No more obstacles
Ahead is just the open road
Color overcomes this night
My world's no longer black and white

Black and white world

Composição: RedemptionColaboração e revisão: Rafael MonteiroRafael Monteiro

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