Desperation, Part II


Years of writing books
Long behind him now
A nihilistic confidence and a smile upon his face
Johnny Marinville and his Harley through the desert
One last ride to make him feel young again

He came back from Vietnam
Only one to escape the bomb
That tore apart the bar in which he drank with hi friends.
Living with the question
Of why he was the sole survivor
Fighting the dreams that plague him
And wondering when they'll end

This cynic smiles and feels the wind
As he speeds by the policeman on the road
He stopped and beaten, thrown in the cell
With the others the bleeding cop has found

Collie takes the one
The boy's mom Ellie
And drags her screaming away

Young David Prays to the God he found
When his friend, run-down, lie dying in his arms
And with his faith, the boys escapes
And frees the desert's other captives

The stumble across
David's dead sister
And they bury her with tears in their eyes

Only boy, only a man
Drawn together in God's plan
In the desert, purposes emerge
All are here to love and serve

All across this desert town
They see the butchered bodies of the dead
What could have caused this hell on earth?
Just what evil made this madness happen?

As even as they hide
Tak returns
Possessing now a different body

Composição: L. Van Dyk / M.Colaboração e revisão: Mario Cartabbia

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