A Trick Of The Light


Hello again
I've been dying since you've been gone
I never knew that the night could be so long
Since we began, i've been dying to belong
I never knew that desire could be so strong
So wrap your arms around me
Destroy me with your smile
Let your love enshroud me
And hold me for a while

I've been awake at way past midnight
Watching seconds dropping dead
And pouring over pages that i've already read
And i've been crying out to the angels
To relieve my tired soul
And praying to god in heaven
To fill this empty hole

So give me empty promises
That you'll never keep
Make me feel like i'm the only
Take me, shake me, break me down again
Wake me from my sleep
Make me feel i'm not so lonely

I been alone before but its never been like this
I wake up screaming in the night
I think i see you beside me
And i'm dying for your kiss
And then i turn to you to find there is nothing there
It's only a trick of the light

I've seen the early sunrise
When i've been too tired to sleep
And i've been dying over secrets that i know i have to keep
Cuz when your evidence is circumstantial
In the trials of the heart
Then life seems less substantial
Than speaking sign language in the dark


Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Juliano Castro

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