So this is the beginning
So this is where it starts
A place that we can turn to
To mend our broken hearts
And I'll treasure every moment
From this night til the end
And break the bonds that bind me
To a place I can't defend

Never once reminded
Of love or pleasures lost
And striving for an answer
That we'll get at any cost
There is purity and wisdom
In what life has in store
For those who can discover
The prize they've waited for

And here I am a haunted soul
About to surrender all control
Forgetting all the truth I know
I just want to be whole
And after all the pain I known
There's no need to be alone
And my resolve is set in stone
And I've come to take you home

Grasping for a future
That seems just out of reach
And driven by the promise
That our lives will be complete
We are laying the foundation
Of something that will last
Of something that will linger
Long after this moment's passed


Basking in transcendence
And blinded by your light
I'll surrender to this decadence
And reach out and embrace the night
I am drowning in your ocean
Caught in the undertow
I'll say farewell to heartache
And sink beneath the flow


Composição: Jeremiah SmithColaboração e revisão: Juliano Castro

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