Judgment Day


I woke up in the moonlight
From a dream I can't recall
And listened to the voices echo in the hall
I looked out of the window
Just as the rain began to fall
I wondered if you even knew at all

I ventured out the doorway
Passing strangers in the night
Walking beneath the glow of the city light
Sometimes I think I see you
But then you flicker out of sight
And I know it's just my yearning burning bright

And all I want is to be with you
And guide you on your way
Yeah I want to stand beside you
From now till judgment day

Well I've see the moonlight sparkle
On the crust of the driven snow
Whispered promises in the afterglow
Washed on the edge of silence
As the tears began to flow
I've stood alone and listened to the cold wind blow

But still it feels
My heart won't beat without you
And it's a cross I bear without shame
With nothing to hide
No one left but me to blame

And I'm still longing for you
And my soul burns like a flame
As the wind outside
Seems to cry your name


Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Juliano Castro

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