The lights go out
I find myself thinking
About a time
When the whole world was sinking
I was confused
Stumbling around blindly
Lost in a world
Where light couldn't find me
And I never noticed
How much I cared for you
Until the day I found
I wasn't so scared of you
Thought I was drowning
I couldn't see
Until you opened my eyes
And you taught me to breath
And now

You're my faith
You're my hope
You're my religion
You got your finger
On the pulse of my soul
You cast aside all my
Doubt and my indecision
Lift me up
Take me high
Yeah you make me feel whole

My lips were dry
I was choked up and strangled
Caught in a web
I was wrapped and entangled
And I'd fallen victim
To my own transgression
Locked in my fortress
Of doubt and depression
But you came around
And cared in spite of me
Being far from the person I've tried to be
Now I'm a man
On the brink of surrender
Basking beneath
The light of your splendor


Composição: Jeremiah SmithColaboração e revisão: Juliano Castro

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