Your Arms


I catch my breath as you walk in
Your presence drives away
The shadows that surround me
And the sinking feeling pulling me down
Your fingers dance across my skin
Your eyes drive deep
Into a place that I've left unprotected
Vulnerable, bare and unbound
I kinda like the way you move
I kinda like the way
Your words wreak havoc on my heart
And lay waste to the walls I hide behind
I've never wanted more than this
I've never set my sights
So high you couldn't reach them
Or so low you couldn't cast them aside

It's something like a chain reaction
Leading to this fatal attraction

My heart skips a beat
You pull me in close
I'm fighting to breathe
And I'm dying in your arms
I'm dying in your arms

I close my eyes as you draw near
You touch my face and it seems
The world crumbles beneath me
And nothing stands between you and I
And space and time don't matter here
It's the kind of solace that you find in absolution
The solution to the riddles of life
And all my paths are now made clear
The journey's end is close
And I've severed my connections
And my tethers are now left untied
And I forget all doubt and fear
And lose myself beneath the current of infection
An affection that was passing me by

It's something like a chain reaction
Leading to this fatal attraction


Composição: Jeremiah SmithColaboração e revisão: Juliano Castro

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