Tom: D
Verse 1: Dsus D Dsus D In every country Dsus D Dsus D in every nation G/B Dsus D From many tribes in all of Dsus D creation Bm7 D Someone is kneeling, someone is dancing G/B Someone is worshipping You Verse 2: From ocean to ocean, from mountain to mountain
In the dance of the children, in the voice of a thousand Someone is bowing, someone is shouting Someone is worshipping You D It's You and You alone in many Bm7 G/B tongue confessions D Bm7 It's You and You alone, always and G/B Dsus D forever You Verse 3: From the heart of the orphan, raised hands of the lame In the cry of the outcast, on the lips of the shamed Someone is weeping, someone is blessing Someone is worshipping You Bridge: D Lord, we will bow down and lay our crowns down D Lord, we will worship You D Dancing and singing, Choruses ringing D Lord, we will worship You D With joy and laughter forever after D Lord, we will worship You D In love and freedom, we come as one D Lord, we will worship You
Composição: Craig Musseau / Rita SpringerColaboração e revisão: André Neto

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