Basketball Jones

Chris Rock

Basketball Jooooones
I got a Basketball Jooooones
I got a Basketball Jooooones, oh baby
Ohhhhhhhhhhh, oh!

[Singers sing in background]

[(Barry White) Chris Rock]
Hey, that's Barry White! (an obsession)
(A burning desire) Barry, you want some chicken?
(The undeniable passion)
Aww, you ??? that singin' stuff
(The love, of someone are some thing)
Y'know you want some chicken!
(Yes, he was a victim...of a Basketball Jones)
In fact, I was a baddest...dribbler in the whole world
(Then one day, his mother bought him a basketball)
And I love that basketball! I took that basketball everywhere I went
You know what? That basketball was like a basketball to me!
C'MON, you cheerleaders..

["Cheerleading" singers sing - Chorus]
Basketball Jones
I got a Basketball Jones (happily)
I got a Basketball Jones ohhh baby ohhhhhh

Wait a minute, y'all not En Vouge!
Where the hell is En Vogue?!
Somebody told me En Vogue was gonna be here
I guess y'all'll do (Yeah...)
So what y'all doin' after the game? C'mon!

(His basketball was like a member of his owwwwn family)
In fact, better looking than my brother Tony
Didn't owe me money, and didn't piss in a bed!
And after the game, I always took a shower wit' my basketball
Every now and then, the basketball gonna pinch my butt
But I didn't mind, 'cause my and my basketball had guts, clean fun
See I am a victim of a Basketball Jones, I'll take my basketball everywhere
I'll even put my basketball under the PILLOW!
(Maybe that's why you couldn't sleep at night)

["Chorus" starts again as Chris and Barry overlaps]
(Yeah) Eh-eh-eh, act like Puffy's in the audience
(Sing it out!) Would y'all SHUT UP?!
(Ohhhhh, soooounds sooo sweet) B-Barry, don't encourage 'em!
They got a Basketball Jones
See I like to PLAY it, I know a thang...yeah, heh-heh
What kinda Basketball Jones y'all got?! (sing it out!)
I see y'all runnin' after a lime zone
I see ya chasin' Penny around!

["cheerleaders" and later Barry raps]
Hey, there's a Basketball Jones
Basketball Jones's in the hoouse

[Chris Rock overlaps]
Michael Jordan! MICHAEL JORDAN!
Michael Jordan...why don't you sing?

[Michael Jordan]
Sing? I don't sing, that's the other "M.J."

[Chris Rock]
Ohhh, okay, I support you
I go to all your games, and you can't sing a lil' song for a brotha!
I hope you go bald! Oh, you already bald!

[Chris Rock: singing in falsetto]
Basketball Jooooones, c'mon!
I got a Basketball Jooooones (Tear it up, Chris)
I got a Basketball Jooooones, oh baby (Eat it up!)
Ohhhhhhhhhhh, oh, oh, oh

[Chorus: w/ Barry White singing in background]

[Chris Rock]
Was that Babyface?!
Was that El Debarge?!
Th-That musta been Smokey Robinson!
I guess that was me-e-e-e!

(Baby, baby,'s a craving)
Basketball's a chicken!
(An uncontrollable yearning)
Do y'all hear Barry White?! Do y'all hear Barry White?!
(The overwhelming a love for someone are some thing)
I love The Knicks, myself!
(Jones) Hey, is the a basketball in the house?!
(I got a Rib Jones)
(a Riiiib Jones)

Everybody (yeeeaah)
Pat Riley, in the HOOOOUSE!!
Mitch Rechman's in the HOOOOUSE!!
Scottie Pippen, in the house
Turn it out, without a doubt!
A-Larry Johnson, in the HOOOOUSE!!
David Robinson, turn it out
Dennis Rodman, in the house
wit' green hair, without a doubt, c'mon!
(Gotta Basketball Jones)
Eh, Michael, can your ?water? ?daughter? ?Yolanda? play?!
Don't get mad at me, Michael, I just asked you simple question!
Does your woman got game?!
Alright, alirght, I'll leave you alone then!
You goin' tryin' to be a bully! (You go it!)
Bob Costas's in the HOOOOUSE!!
Dr. J, in the HOOOOUSE!!
Bill Walten, in the HOOOOUSE!!
Sheryl Miller, in the house!
Bugs Bunny, in the house!
Elmer Fudd, in the HOOOOUSE!!
Tweety Bird, what 'cha heard?
Pass the word, Tweety Bird
Sylvester, my broth-a
No oth-a, undercov-a
Everybody plays basketball!
Mike Tyson, shoots the ball, (Damn right!)
Against the wall, makes it fall
My mama plays basketball!
Charles Bark-LAY, in the house!
Kenan Anderson, in the HOOOOUSE!!
Shawn Kemp, gon' turn it OUUUT!!
Jack Nicholson, in the HOOOOUSE!!
Courtside, wit-out a doubt!
(He's never gonna give it up! Never walk away!)
Spike Lee, in the HOOOOUSE!!
Chillin', without a DOUBT!!

Composição: Cheech Marin / Tommy ChongColaboração e revisão: filipe torres

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