Tom: Bbm
[Refrão] Bbm Pullin' out the coupe at the lot Bbm9 Told 'em fuck 12, fuck SWAT Bustin' all the bales out the box Ebm I just hit a lick with the box Ab Had to put the stick in a box, mmh Bbm Pour up the whole damn seal, I'ma Bbm9 get lazy Ebm I got the mojo deals, we been Ab trappin' like the '80s Bbm Bbm9 She sucked a nigga soul, got the Cash App Ebm Ab Told 'em wipe a nigga nose, say slatt, slatt Bbm Bbm9 I won't never sell my soul, and I can back that Ebm Ab And I really wanna know where you at, at [Primeira Parte] Bbm I was out back where the stash at Bbm9 Cruise the city in a bulletproof Cadillac (skrrt)
Bbm Cause I know these niggas after Bbm9 where the bag at (yeah) Bbm Gotta move smarter, gotta move harder Bbm Nigga try to get me for my water Bbm9 I'll lay his ass down, on my son, on my daughter Bbm I had the Draco with me, Dwayne Carter Bbm Lotta niggas out here playin' ain't ballin' Bbm I done put my whole arm in the rim, Vince Carter (yeah) Bbm Bbm9 And I know probably get a key for the quarter Ebm Shawty barely seen in double C's, I bought 'em Ab Got a bitch that's looking like Aaliyah, she a model Bbm Bbm9 I got the pink slip, all my whips is key-less Ebm Compton, I'm about to get the key to the city Ab Patek like the sea, forget it [Segunda Parte] Bbm Hahaha, I been movin' 'em out Bbm It's still up with me then, he got the blues in the pouch (yeah) Bbm Took her to the forest, put the wood in her mouth N.C. Bitch don't wear no shoes in my house Bbm The private I'm flyin' in, I never wan' fly again Bbm9 I'll take my chances in traffic (yeah) Bbm She suckin' on dick, no hands with it Bbm9 I just made the Rollie plain like a landing strip Bbm I'm a 2020 president candidate Bbm I done put a hundred bands on Bbm9 Zimmerman, shit Ebm I been movin' real gangster, so that's why she picked a Crip Ab Shawty call me Crisco 'cause I pop my shit Bbm Got it out the mud, there's Bbm9 nothin' you can tell me, yeah Ebm When I had the drugs, I was street Ab wealthy, yeah
Composição: Adarius Moragne / Aqeel Qadir Tate / Roddy Ricch / Samuel GloadeColaboração e revisão: Rafael Antonio

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