(I Get So) Sentimental

Roy Orbison

Tom: F
(I Get So) Sentimental  
         F        Gm   
I get so ooh sentimental  
Bb              C        F 
Darling when it comes to you,  
I'm just too ooh sentimental  
        Bb          C        F 
And its breaking my heart in two.  
F             C 
I said a-hey, hey now  
at the end of the day now,  
I get carried away now  
            C    C7 F 
thinking of you, ooooh  
Bbmaj7              C          Bbmaj7              C 
How you looked that night, you kissed goodbye just right,  
             F         Bbmaj7   C         F 
then turned away and I miss you night and day.  
Who holds you tight? I wonder where you are,  
Are you alright, for you know, i still love you,  
But I'm just so sentimental,  
Baby because of you,  
Yes I'm just too sentimental  
and it's breaking my heart in two...