Lonely Wine

Roy Orbison

Tom: C
Intro: Bb  D  D#  F   
Bb                     / C  D 
The night is bright and gay but I'm so blue  
   D#                           C7 
my heart must have it's way and dream of you  
F                                    Cm   F  Bb 
that's why I sigh and sip my lonely wine  
                    / C  D 
Your picture on the wall your smiling face  
D#                     C7 
brings back the memory of your embrace  
F                            Cm   F  Bb  Bb7 
I start to cry into my lonely wine  
D#                 G                 Cm  
Teardrops fall but all they bring is heartache  
     D#          G              Cm  
It's better if I never think at all  
Dm                    A7             Dm    
Still they soothe the pain my lonely thoughts make  
  A7                               F   Cm           F 
I never quite succeed in hiding all, so let them fall  
Where ever you may be, I'll still be true  
and when the clouds roll by I'll come to you  
but until then I'll drink my lonely wine  
Change key to D and play last verse with the chord sequece: 
D  F#  G  E7  A  Em  A  D