Paper Boy

Roy Orbison

Tom: A
Intro: A  E  A  
       (B|---2-5-5-3-5-2-:) (2X)  
A                  C#m 
I walk down to the blue side of town  
      D               E        A 
Where there's no happiness, no joy  
Down at the end of a long dark street  
  D            E     A  
I saw a little paper boy  
Paper boy paper boy  
E7                    A 
I've got bad news for you  
Paper boy paper boy  
E7                 A 
Me and my baby are through  
D                  E 
She was my love my one and only  
D                       E  
I feel so bad I'm oh so lonely  
A   E7             A  
I'm looking for my love  
I've got my own headlines for today  
They've been the same since she went away  
"One dark haired angel disappears  
Seems like She's been gone a million years"  
Paper boy Paper boy  
So long goodbye  
Paper boy paper boy  
Thanks for listening while I cry  
I feel a little better now that someone knows  
But I will go on looking forever, I suppose  
I'm looking for my love  
Extra extra read all about it  
My baby's gone and I wanna shout it  
I'm looking for my love  
I'm looking for my love....