Sweet Mama Blue

Roy Orbison

Tom: A
Intro:  A  F#m  Bm  E  A 

         Bm             E 
I know a place in New Orleans.  
              A         C#m7      F#m      
They call the Castle of Kings and Queens.  
             Bm                E 
Where an old sweet black woman sings.
          A     C#m7   F#m
And plays piano like a dream.  
             Bm                Bm7                E        
She puts out all her beautiful heart and soul for you.  
Sweet mamma blue.  

  Refrão -------------

           D                             E  
Sweet mamma blue will only sing about the truth.  
            A         A7 
And it will get to you.  
            D                              E 
Sweet mamma blue will sing of love as only she can do.  
            A  F#m  Bm  E           A 
Sweet mamma blue.       Sweet Mamma Blue  


One night I stayed past closing time.  
"Sweet mamma blue my troubled mind."  
She sang the night away for me.  
She made me see what I couldn't see.  
That only by loving life will all your dreams come true.  
Sweet mamma blue.  


They say she's gone from misery.  
But she still lives in my memory.  
I still can see her smile and say  
"I'll bet you make it all the way."  
If you will try the Lord will surely see you through.  
Sweet mamma blue,  
    E               F#m 
The world sure will miss you.  
           Bm          Bm7      E  
And when I feel blue I think of you.  
            A  F#m  Bm  E           A 
Sweet mamma blue.       Sweet mamma blue.