Twenty Two Days

Roy Orbison

Tom: F
Refrão -------------

              Bb         F     
Oh it's been twenty-two lonely blue 
C         C7              F  D#  F   
Days without a word from y-o-o-ou  
    Bb         F     
And forty-four million more  
C                C7                              F      
Tears I've cried since you walked through that door  


F             Bb         F 
The sun never reaches my doorstep  
     C         C7              F   F7 
Each empty day seems to be the same  
       Bb              Gm    F  
You've broken your vow but I still love you now, 
        C                 C7             F 
Oh this love of mine is a one way losing game  


The dreams that we share are gone forever  
But I still have a little hope in my heart  
Is this the way it ends? Are we to be both friends?  
Oh I can't go on if we're to be apart