You May Feel Me Crying

Roy Orbison

Tom: F
When we make love you know we?re making love  
        Am                  C  
To everyone we?ve ever made love to  
So when you take him down inside  
     Bb       Am         C 
Just know I?m there with you  
            Dm   C  F   
And you may feel me crying  
    Dm             C  
And oh, I hope you do  
              Gm                       Dm          C 
I?m out there somewhere all alone with memories of you  
            Dm   C  F 
And you may feel me crying  
             Dm           C 
While you?re reaching for more  
Bb              Am            Gm                 C           
I just hope someday I see you standing at my door  
It?s something I live for  
They?ll fill you up, I know, with shining dreams  
It?ll touch your heart, because you thrill them so  
But there?s a place they?ll never touch  
Just you and I can know  
Bb        Am                C 
There are stronger men than me 
Bb          Am            C 
And they?ll take you on a mountain  
And give you all you see  
           C              Bb 
And you?ll do what they desire  
                         Gm                           C 
You were born to see how long your hand can stand the fire