Street lights are flashing around us, frail words become so clear by now, then i realize, it has just began

You left, reckless abandoned, as if we were on our own
Just cope with the only reason you're dead just like your heart
You took it for granted, you're changing directions
Searching for the answers, you gave up.

Just take that torch and pray for whoever you wanna pray
I'll bring some matches and we will pretend to play your game
There's no such thing as calling it a common sense
I'll shake your hand, you'll burn that bridge, even if i'm crossing it

Don't even try to come back son, that bridge is gone
Just like an ash pile on a squall. it's time to break some walls.
You took it too far, led to seizures and fractures
Searching for the lights you've just turned off

Just take that torch and pray for whoever you wanna pray
I¥ll bring some matches and gasoline to play your game
There's no way out , i see the curly smoke of that bridge you had to burn
I¥ll let it go, build a new bridge instead of a cracking wall.

I refuse to think
I refuse to feel
I refuse to deal
I refuse to hold it.
I refuse to hold it against my wall

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Graziella Barbosa

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