Never Alone

Sean Hayes

Do not touch
what's not yours
Now you know the difference
don't you

You open your mouth
a pigeon come right out
fly away
turn around
and taunt you

Give me a kiss, no give me hug
Put on my new black jacket
A pair of boots
I got a bedroom wish
Take a picture, carry it with you

You go east, and I'll go west
I'll meet you somewhere in the middle

I'll dream of your skin
and I love you the best

When I can't get to you
I blow you a kiss, no make it a wish
Anything you need will come to you
A pair of wings to keep you warm
Anything you long for

Stop acting like it's all gonna end
These are your friends, again and again
Plane's not leaving, the train's not in
When they come around
you can feel it all then

Hand to hand, glass to glass
Here's to the future and to the past
Find me house on a mountain somewhere
You can all come, and stay with me there

You go your way, and I'll go mine
I hope I see you out there sometime
There you go again, thinking it's gonna end
Can't you just begin something

And I'll blow you a kiss, no make it a wish
that anything you need will come to you
A pair of wings, you can fly high
Anything you long for

You're not alone
You're never alone
No, we're not alone

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Matheus Ribeiro

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