You traveled for many miles on the whim of adventure
Lost in love you were running from most everything
Now things no longer weigh what they used to
The gold you buried in your backyard's turned to gray

You ever feel like a cow for the city
Feeding off the sewers and the highwires
Can anyone find a map to the beginning
The band slipped out the window they're floating away

You came out swinging your eyes were on fire
They left you spinning you turned to rain
Like rain the pain will rise up around you
Like rain the pain will fall and roll away

Well the onion of your heart starts me crying
Feeding of the new ends for a new life
The ashes from the fire keep me breathing
Fix my broke down wagon let's ride

Oooh ahh...

You ever feel like a cow for the city
Can anyone find a switch and turn these lights down
When the streets gets so loud will we stop hearing
Call back the marching band lets race

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Matheus Ribeiro

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