Sean Hayes

No more politics
I know what's next
call me hipocrit and burn down bridges
I got a river running through my neck
I got a river running through my heart
and all the blood spills runs to the ocean
oh all the oceans rise up and mingle with the air
growing fingertips and semen stained covers
singing mercy me, oh god, oh ectasy, oh yea right there

fantastic chick strawberry hips
light me a candle blow out my wish
unconcious it turns towards the sun
knows where the warmth is knows what it wants
wants to be filled in wants to be filled up
I wanna be reborn I wanna to be real loved
and all the babies born swim from the ocean
all the rain that falls runs into the sea
growing crazy mixed up frogs that preach the coming of disaster
singing mercy, me oh god, oh hell and ectasy

Eldorado blues nowhere left to run
grandma got plutonium under the rug
fanatical bliss fanatical fight
fanatics don't let their babies go dancing
you repress the beat you repress the wine
your mamma mistook you for a lion
she cut of your head she don't know your dead
and all the streets you ruled run red
the grass grows green where the homeless man sleeps
and the mystic sneezes rain showers
are like your polka-dotted panties
in the heat grows desire as a white back arches
under a hot blue sky sunday afternoon in the park

No more politics
I know what's next
you call me hipocrit
come on burn it down
no more politics
I know what's next
we're all hipocrits
come on burn it down
go on burn it down
come on burn it down

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Matheus Ribeiro

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