Tom: B
One Cold Night Feb 22 2006 Tune down half-a-step (low to high) Eb-Ab-Db-Gb-Bb-Eb Intro- p-pull off h-hammer on ()-optional d-strum down ^-strum up s (or /)- slide ~ -let ring Intro- Eb ------------------0------------ Bb --------3p1-------0------------ Gb ------0-----0--(0)------------- Db ----2--------------------0----- Ab --3--------------------2-----3- Eb --------------0---------------- E|--------------0---------------- B|----3p1---------0-------------- G|--0----0---------------------0- D|2-----------2--------0-----2--- A|--------------------2----3----- E|---------0--------------------- E|-------00--| B|3p1----00--| G|---0-------| D|-----------| A|-----------| E|------0----| Eb --------------------| Bb -----------3p1------| Gb ---------0-----0----| Db -2-----2------------| Ab --2--3--------------| Eb -----------------0--| Verse 1&2- I think every other time he plays (0h3p0) Eb -0-0-------00---00-000---- Bb -0-0(h3p0)-00---33-333---- Gb -0-0-------00---22-222---- Db -2-2-------22---00-000---- Ab -2-2-------22---xx-xxx---- Eb -0-0-------00---xx-xxx---- E|--------| B|--------| G|(12x)---| D|--------| A|--------| E|--------| d d d^ ^d ^d^ This is how I suggest strumming it Lyrics for verse: Vacate is the word...vengeance has no place so near to her Cannot find the comfort in this world
Artificial tear...vessel up volunteers Vulnerable wisdom can't adhere... Chorus: C Em A truant finds home... C Em and I will to hold on... C A But there's a trapdoor in the D sun... Solo-just strum the verse Verse 2- As privileged as a whore...victims in demand for public show Swept out through the cracks beneath the door Holier than thou how? Surrendered...executed anyhow Scrawl dissolved, cigar box on the floor... Solo 2- Mess around with C,Em,D and A in that order Verse 3- I cannot stop the thought of running in the dark coming up a which way sign all good truants must decide Bridge- C Em Sstripped and sold mom C Em an auctioned forearm C A D and whiskers in the sink C Em A truant finds his home C Em And a will to hold onto C A D some die just to live... ohh... Outro-I know this isn't exact but its close Eb--------------------/12-12------ Ab----10s8--8s7-7s5------------10- Gb-------------------------------- Db-------------------------------- Bb-------------------------------- Eb-------------------------------- E|------------------12-12-12~------- A|10s8-8s7-7s5--/12----------------- G|---------------------------------- D|---------------------------------- B|---------------------------------- E|---------------------------------- That took a long time
Composição: Dave Abbruzzese / Eddie Vedder / Jeff Ament / Mike McCready / Stone GossardColaboração e revisão:

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