A New Beginning

Seventh Wonder

This is unit 56 reporting a single car accident near the old mill
Requesting immediate ambulance and fire rescue assistance
The accident involving one man and a woman
Victims are suffering severe hemorrhaging from legs and abdomen
Drifting in and out of consciousness
The man remains unconscious

It appears they've lost control of the vehicle due to the heavy rain
And God only knows what else
Driving straight out into the woods hitting a massive tree
I'm telling you right now: It looks pretty bad
Hang on!

I can't hear you
The woman has regained consciousness
What about the man? What about the man??
We've lost him

Well, here we are again
You sure you'll be okay?
Yes, doctor
I'll be fine, thank you

I'm here again
I'm by your side and I'm holding your hand
As I have been ever since that horrible night so many years ago
But you have to give me a sign that you can hear me!
That you're still in there!

The doctors are losing hope and if nothing changes soon
All we can do is hope that the new procedure will work
And you know it involves our son and I
I have to go
I'll turn the radio on to keep you company

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: DionysusMetal Metal

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