Anti-Love Song


My old suit still seems to fit
I'm crossin' my fingers and bitin' my lip
I check the mirror, say what a trip
Cuz I still go it (I still got it)
Don't you think a day I missed
The way we fought and the way you bitched
She left me poor, but I feel rich
Cuz I still got it (I still go it)

Don't leave me this way
With nothin' in my heart but an empty page
How could you say?
That you never really loved me with a straight face baby
Did you think I fell for it? And finally I must admit...
That you were the pain and I was the sh...
It don't matter anyway (it don't matter anyway)

Start the day back in my car
Is that star too far to get to?
I don't care who you think you are
Cuz you don't get it (you don't get it)
Everything I said to you went in one ear and out the other
I don't know what the hell I did
I don't know why I even bothered...


Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Roger moreira

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