Love and Glory

Sonny Landreth

Spider-Gris caught Evangeline grinning
After one of his tales left her pretty head a spinning
As if to awake from some weaving dream
Lifting her spirit till it's busting at the seam

"Your free falling reveries, sir, rescue me
From the deep end of doubt that puts vision to sleep
But do your wild thoughts simply break formation
On a wing and a prayer or sure navigation?"

"Ma'am, I have no delusions of prescient truth
And I call to account without prophecy or proof
But I propose a course from a simple observation:
Some roads are paved with conversation

'Cause it takes two sides of a story
To make a tale of love and glory."

Evangeline turned to Spider-Gris
And said, "The drag of apprehension is releasing me
You have shared a wealth of information
With pearls of wisdom and infectious revelation

That two sides of a story
Can make a tale of love and glory."

Try to follow the bliss every step of the mile
Don't break the trance
After all, what better way to wear the while
Won't you take this dance?

He gazed into the palm of her outstretched hand
As if to read the future of a noble plan
Then looked into her eyes making welcome to the heart
And heard a door open that had kept them each apart

It takes two sides of a story
To make a tale of love and glory
It takes two sides of a story
To make a tale of love and glory

Composição: Sonny LandrethColaboração e revisão: Dyego Andrade

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