Stuck in Kaos

There was a day in my life that i believed you
But deceit, your betrayal, it seems you never told the truth
You're a liar
You told me that things would be alright
You said that things would fall in place in time
With hard work and the right frame of mind
You said i could be anything and everything to everyone
God i felt so dumb, when i failed time after time
I knew right then that you had lied
I knew that you had lied

You knew that i would bleed
Bruise my heel and not succeed in life
Take the wrong turns live by the knife
You knew that they would taunt me, make fun of me,
My god you knew they'd try to kill me
But yet you looked me straight faced in the eye
How could i be so blind?
I swear you tried to make things hard, you had to lie
You had the nerve, the nerve to lie

Right now, i'm caught up in this world of dark days and i cannot see the light
That used to sustain me and hold me close, now it's burning me inside
Now all i can do is try to live my life, do my best and try
To not get sik in this world of shit
And to live my life amongst these liars

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Marcelo Pinto

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