Symptoms That You Are Alive


Liar, they tell me
Liar, determined
The silence of the cars outside brokes the glass and through the wall of anesthetics reaches the terminations of my heart giving a pleasing smooth vibration.
I start thinking about that article i read on a newspaper lately,i din't pay much attention to it.
But now i know what it meant. my body is a machine, only flesh, blood, bones and no soul, here.
I am my soul, a burnt brain is the funeral for a person. not that i am a genius.
My body will be useless food for maggots and nothing else, when my mind will be dead.
I don't want to be a vegetative skeleton when my mind is dead.

Damnit, the anasthetics don't work on me, no more, and in the delirium of pain
(i am such a whining bitch, many suffer more than me) i want to puke, i want to sleep,
I want to stop this whirlwind of whining thoughts, i want to change myself, body and mind. now!
I can feel it coming
The ecstasy of a painless rest
I can feel i fade in melancholy, once again

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Felipe Frangz

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