This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Taylor Swift

Tom: F
F It was so nice throwing big parties Jump into the pool from the balcony Everyone swimming in a champagne sea And there are no rules when you show up here Bass beat rattling the chandelier Feeling so gatsby for that whole year Bb So why'd you have to rain on my C parade? Gm I'm shaking my head. i'm locking C the gates * this is why we can't have F Dm Bb C Nice things, darling F Because you break them Dm Bb I had to take them away C This is why we can't have
F Dm Bb C Nice things, honey F Did you think i wouldn't hear Dm Bb All the things you said about me? C This is why we can't have nice things F It was so nice being friends again There i was, giving you a second chance But then you stabbed in the back While shaking my hand And therein lies the issue Friends don't try to trick you Get you on the phone and mind-twist you And so i took an axe to a mended fence Bb But i'm not the only friend you've C lost lately Gm C If only you weren't so shady F Dm Hers's a toast to my real friends Bb They don't care about that C he-said-she-said F Dm And here's to my baby Bb C He ain't reading what they call me lately F Dm And here's to my momma Bb C Had to listen to all this drama F Dm And here's to you Bb 'cause forgiveness is a nice thing C to do Haha, i can't even say it with a straight face
Composição: Jack Antonoff / Taylor SwiftColaboração e revisão: Fernanda Guerreiro

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