If I had a thousand dreams about you
I'd have a thousand dreams
That would turn blue anyway

These things that I'm thinking
I'm relying to hope to lie to myself in any way
This changes too
From one and another
They didn't seem you
Then I couldn't tell to you
But I am denying what you got going on
It's the same thing
Words don't questions that forfeits lives I'm just sitting here all this time

Yesses go by and I don't know
And I ain't no better off
Than I was a year ago

Cause we use the word loosely
Use the word lightly
Use the word lovely so many times
It don't spell the same

I've been thinking and I know I'm trying
Just to soften in any way
For it's old enough to
Make it all come out like new
And I couldn't tell you
Still I been in love with what could be goin' down
When I am askin' you no question
Would forfeit no laws
I am just sittin' here I'm more than fine

So many times I watch it all go by
Still I don't seem full of it
Since it all can't seem to tell me otherwise
When you're just out of it all
So if it don't even change and
And don't stop wanderin'
What you'd ever thought to believe in
Take away more time
Give me space to believe
Please don't let it stay 'fore my mind begins to see
What I could be doin' to me

Not even more time
I'd feel the same
When I hold her one time again

I know we could change the same reason
The rest is just time

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: ivan santos

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