Not Now Chief, I'm In The Zone!

That Was Something

To the tune of your shattered dreams
I stomped a hole in your brain Courtesy of the concrete
I've never felt such a strong belief
In the sound of teeth Falling slowly to these cold wet streets
So stand up while I take the lead
I walk you slowly to the corner of Sucker punch and eighteen
Hope you ready your boys for me
Cause on my way home I'm gonna stop by
And I'll bring my team
So pretend I never made you want to be
Everything I am, so come on say it with me
Put up or shut up cause its about to be
Well I suggest that you get the record straight
Don't confront me now It's already too late
Just leave at what you think it means
Cause it's over now And that's how it should be
I hate the fact that you and I could never be Good friends
cause you always did something for me
It's too bad that the first time you hear this will be
At the end of the last track on my CD

Composição: Robert Weber / That Was SomethingColaboração e revisão: Jéssica Serafim

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