Days Are Numbers

The Alan Parsons Project

Tom: C
C The traveller is always leaving town Am He never has the time to turn around F And if the road he's taken isn't leading anywhere G He seems to be completely unaware The traveller is always leaving home The only kind of life he's ever known When every moment seems to be A race against the time
There's always one more mountain left to climb C Days are numbers watch the stars Am We can only see so far F G Someday, you'll know where you are Remember Days are numbers Count the stars We can only go so far One day, you'll know where you are The traveller awaits the morning tide He doesn't know what's on the other side But something deep inside of him Keeps telling him to go He hasn't found a reason to say no The traveller is only passing through He cannot understand your point of view Abandoning reality, unsure of what he'll find The traveller in me is close behind
Composição: Alan Parsons / Eric WoolfsonColaboração e revisão:

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