Only A Northern Song

The Beatles

Tom: G
(intro)     C7M     D  A    E

(verse 1)

if you're list'ning to this song,
you may think the chords are going wrong.
           E7                          D
but they're not, he just wrole it like that.

(verse 2)
    when you're list'ning late at night,
you may think the band are note quite right.
        E7                           D
but they are, they just play it like that.

   E             Bm           G       C#7
it doesn't really mather what chords i play,
     F#7             Bm             F#7
what words i say, or time of day it is,
        D      A        E
as it's only a northern song.

(link) A       A       A       A       Bm7
       Bm7     E7      E7      D       D

(refrão 2)
E                   Bm            G        C#7
it's doesn't really matther what clothes i wear,
    F#7            Bm            F#7
or how i fare, or if my hair is brown,
          D      A        E
when it's only a northern song

(verse 3)
if you think the harmony
is a little dark and out of key.
          E7                    D
you're correct, there's nobody there.

( E Bm7   G C#7   F#7     Bm7     F#7 )

     D                A       E
and i told you there's no one there.

A       A       A       A       Bm7     Bm7
E7      E7      D       D       E Bm7   G C#7

F#7     Bm      F#7     D  A    E   (fade out)