The Sheik Of Araby

The Beatles

Tom: G
D7      G6      Edim Bm7  Am7  D7 
I'm the sheik of Ar - a - by; 
     Am7  D9    Am7  D7 G   Bm7  Am7  D7 
Your love be - longs to me. 
  Bm7        Edim    Bm7/5-    Am7    D7 
At night when you're   a  - sleep, 
    Am7  D9  Am7  Cdim   G    Fdim  Am7  D7 
In - to your tent I'll creep. 
    G6   Bm7/5-  Edim Cdim  Am7   D7 
The stars that shine  a - bove 
     Am7       D7  C7  B7 
Will light our way to love; 
        E7       Fdim   E7  A7  Em7  A7 
You'll rule this world with me, 
Em7  Am7  D9 Am7 Cdim G 
The sheik of Ar - a - by.