Deeper And Deeper

The Fixx

Talking about stealing the show no one would know
Talking about stealing the show when they're all letting go
Take a look at the witch see the twitch in her eye tell me
What did she feel
Is this the way of the world take a boy and a girl show them
Lying is real
Then i see t he edge i look i fall
Deeper and deeper

The more i see the more i fall there's no place to hide
You better take the call
Deeper and deeper
Is it the smell of the oil the sweat and the toil that makes
Living unreal
The yuppie in the suit the man with a flute what did he steal
It's beginning to break there is a mistake nowhere to go
A fool and his blood in the wrong neighborhood what price
Does he pay
The further i see
I see the edge i look i fall
The further i see the further i fall
There's no place to hide anymore

Composição: Adam Woods / Cy Curnin / Dan K. Brown / Jamie West-Oram / Rupert GreenallColaboração e revisão: Cacau

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