Tom: A
(PARTE A) x2 just because she feeds me well \ PARTE and she made me talk dirty in a pink hotel / A doesn't mean she's got eyes for \ PARTE she might just want my bones you see / B hey flathead dont you get mean \ PARTE she's the second best killer that i have ever seen / A they dont come much more sick than you \ PARTE i could go on if you want me to / B it's just so wrong so very nice i told you \ PARTE once and you killed me twice / A i saw you one time at the back of the \ PARTE club chewing on glass and a ticket stub / B i heard they kicked the boy till he bled \ PONTE then stood and said oh my god till she said / bara bap bara ra ra bara bap bara ra ra ra... --> PARTE C (x2)
everybody knows you're the one to call \ PARTE when the girls get ugly at the back of the wall / A josephine says you got a bleedin nose \ PARTE so taking it with her wherever she goes / B hey flathead don't check me in \ PARTE well hers is a tonic and mine is a gin / A they dontm come much more slick \ PARTE than you i'd drive your car if you ask me to / B said the boy's not right in the head \ PONTE so he stood and got a kickin instead till she said / bara bap bara ra ra bara bap bara ra ra ra... --> PARTE C (x2) (PARTE D) x2 (PARTE B) x2 (PONTE) (PARTE C) x3 (PARTE A) --> (até fade-out...) ---------- CIFRAS: PARTE A: |---------------------|----------- |---------------------|----------- |--5-5-------5-5------|--5-5------ |--5-5--7-7--5-5--777-|--5-5--7-7- |--3-3--7-7--3-3--777-|--3-3--7-7- |-------5-5-------555-|-------5-5- ||----------| ||----------| ||-5-5------| ||-5-5--777-| ||-3-3--777-| ||------555-| PARTE B: |---------------------|------- |---------------------|------- |--1010-9-9--7-7--5---|--1010- |--1010-1010-7-7--5---|--1010- |--8-8--7-7--5-5--3---|--8-8-- |---------------------|------- ||--------------| ||--------------| ||9-9--7-7-5----| ||1010-7-7-5----| ||7-7--5-5-3----| ||--------------| PONTE: |-------------------------| |-------------------------| |-------------------------| |---3-3--5-5---3-3--5-5---| |---3-3--5-5---3-3--5-5---| |---1-1--3-3---1-1--3-3---| PARTE C: |------------------------------|-- |------------------------------|-- |--55-5-55-5-5-5---------------|-- |--55-5-55-5-5-5-33-3-33-5-5-5-|-- |--33-3-33-3-3-3-33-3-33-5-5-5-|-- |----------------11-1-11-3-3-3-|-- ||----------------------------| ||----------------------------| ||55-5-55-5-5-5---------------| ||55-5-55-5-5-5-33-3-33-5-5-5-| ||33-3-33-3-3-3-33-3-33-5-5-5-| ||--------------11-1-11-3-3-3-| PARTE D: G|---5-5--5-5-----------|---5-5-- D|---5-5--5-5---3-3--5-5|---5-5-- A|---3-3--3-3---3-3--5-5|---3-3-- E|--------------1-1--3-3|-------- G|5-5-----------| D|5-5---3-3--5-5| A|3-3---3-3--5-5| E|------1-1--3-3|
Composição: Barry Wallace / Gordon McRory / John LawlerColaboração e revisão:

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