One World Not Three

The Police

Tuning: Standard

 There are two different rhythms that he plays alternatively.
 G|---------------------------|   |-------------------------------|
 D|----5-55--3-33----3-5------| A |------5555--3333-----3-5-------|
 A|---3------------5----------| N |----3--------------5-----------|
 E|----------------------3x---| D |-------------------------3x----|
            Pattern A                         Pattern B
|At 3:38 he switches to this...   And at 5:54 he plays this....
 G|------------------------|   |---------------------------|
 D|---3h5-55------3-5------| A |---------3---5-------------|
 A|----------5555----------| N |------55---5---------------|
 E|-------------------3x---| D |----3----------3x----------|
           Pattern C                       Pattern D

|Then he goes back to Pattern A/B at 4:15
| h  Hammer on
| x  Mute note