I Just Want To Be The One

The Redwalls

She gives me what I want,
She gives me everything she's got,
She wants nothing in return
But a man that she can burn.

If feels just like I'm standing on the sun
I just want to be the one.

Now please me if you can,
I know she's looking for a man,
She likes to keep me in her hand,
She doesn't think I understand.

I heard she likes to have a lot of fun
I just want to be the one.

She holds on to me,
She shows me everything I see,
She tells me who I can be,
She'll never set me free.

Her love just seems to weigh me down a ton
I just want to be the one.

Now can't you call me Dre,
Just for the Christmas holiday,
Just for the things that she might say,
And the games she might play.

Dreamin' I heard she likes to have some fun
I just want to be the one.

(I just wanna be the one!)

Givin' her a chance,
You know she's looking for romance,
You know she's reaching down my pants,
And I told her I can't dance.

I just (something something) she plays for some,
I just want to be the one.

(Oh, I just, I just wanna be the one.)

Composição: The RedwallsColaboração e revisão: Marcelo SantosHeryzânya Ramalho

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