Fighting In A Sack

The Shins

Tom: G
Tabbed by: Mark Kokcl e-mail: * Sorry the last one i submitted was missing the whole bridge Standard Tuning Intro: D-7-5-4-5-7---7-5-4-5-9---7-5-4-5- A-0-0-0-0-0---0-0-0-0-0---0-0-0-0- D|12---9---------------------------- A|0----0---------------------------- D|-| A|-| Verse: D e|-------------------2----------3- B|-------------------3----------3- G|-------------------2----------0- D|-------------------0----------0- A|-------------------0----------2- E|-------------------x----------3- G F e|----1----------------------------- B|----1----------------------------- G|----2----------------------------- D|----3----------------------------- A|----3----------------------------- E|----1----------------------------- * last night I woke from some unconscionable dream 2.To keep this boat afloat, well there are things you can't afford to know * ideas turn to dust as there are few in which we all can trust 4.So let's abandon that track and leave our fathers fighting in a sack D e|-------------------2----------3- B|-------------------3----------3- G|-------------------2----------0- D|-------------------0----------0- A|-------------------0----------2- E|-------------------x----------3- G C e|----0----------------------------- B|----1----------------------------- G|----0----------------------------- D|----2----------------------------- A|----3-------(0--3--4)------------- E|----0----------------------------- * it nailed to my forehead again 2.So I save all my breath for the sails (Chorus) *'t you noticed I've been shedding all of mind
* we are way too wise-assed for that (Chorus) Chorus: Bm C e|-------------2------------0----- B|-------------3------------1----- G|-------------4------------0----- D|-------------4------------2----- A|-------------2------------3----- E|-------------x------------0----- D Em e|--2---------0----------------2---- B|--3---------0----------------3---- G|--2---------0----------------2---- D|--0---------2----------------0---- A|--0---------2----------------0---- E|--x---------0----------------x---- * you'll find those lingering voices are just your ego's attempt * a bridge on weakening cables, huddled up in fear and hate * might find some fools at your doorstep hustling the latest changes * on weaking cables huddled up in fear and hate G e|-----------------3-------------- B|-----------------3-------------- G|-----------------0-------------- D|-----------------0-------------- A|-----------------2-------------- E|-----------------3-------------- A e|----------0----------------------- B|----------2----------------------- G|----------2----------------------- D|----------2----------------------- A|----------0----------------------- E|----------0----------------------- make it all clean and nice and make a moron out of you * we know our fate and its a lot to put us through (uh part 3) the book that's the strangest in an attempt to multiply * we know our fate and its alot to put us through (part 4) Part 3: G Bm e|---3----------2----------------- B|---3----------3----------------- G|---0----------4----------------- D|---0----------4----------------- A|---2----------2---------3------- E|---3----------x----------------- 1. Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba (back to verse) Part 4: G A Em e|---3----------0------------0---- B|---3----------2------------0---- G|---0----------2------------0---- D|---0----------2------------2---- A|---2----------0------------2---- E|---3----------0------------0---- 1. Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba (bridge) Bridge: D e|--------------------2----------- B|--------------------3----------- G|--------------------2----------- D|--------------------0----------- A|--------------------0----------- E|--------------------x----------- Em e|--------0------------------------- B|--------0------------------------- G|--------0------------------------- D|--------2------------------------- A|--------2------------------------- E|--------0------------------------- 1. We've taken on a climb 2. Walking up a slide D A e|---2-----------------0-----0------ B|---3-----------------2-----0------ G|---2-----------------2-----0------ D|---0-----------------2-----2------ A|---0-----------------0-----2------ E|---x-----------------x-----0------ 1. and it's long enough to put the best of us on our backs 2. and there are those we know who'd have us 5 miles off the track (solo) Solo: Same as verse (Verse) Outro: G A G e|---3--------0--------3--------0- B|---3--------2--------3--------2- G|---0--------2--------0--------2- D|---0--------2--------0--------2- A|---2--------0--------2--------0- E|---3--------0--------3--------0- 1. Bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum G Bm e|---3----------2------------2---- B|---3----------3------------3---- G|---0----------4------------2---- D|---0----------4------------0---- A|---2----------2---------3--0---- E|---3----------x------------x---- 1. Bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum! And thats it. Hope this is understandable, and please email me with questions/comments/mistakes Cheers -Mark *
Composição: James MercerColaboração e revisão:

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