Ideal Life (feat. Dropout Kings)

The Sight Of Impact

Here we are again
Finding any little reason just to say my name
Well, I'm sorry, not
Sorry I don’t
Want to walk down the same old boring road
Let’s just agree to disagree
Cause there is
No way
No way
No way

I won’t fall in line
I won’t fake it
Put me in a box
And I’ll break it
Keep your ideal life
For yourself cause
I won’t tear down
All I am

This infection invited me to be a slave
The energy it’s sending is something like a rave
A rat race for the power in the palisades
At a glance, there’s no question that it will amaze

But get close and you can see the truth
It deepens blues and makes a terror of the scenic route
I made a move to minimize it like Clefable
I'm able to make a trill story from a fable

Fuck you (no way)
Fuck me (no way)
I hate (no way)
Everyone and everything

Hyper fang like a mothafuckin' raticate
Got the juice like I'm mothafuckin' lemonade
Move fast and that’s why they call it minute made
Step back, or you gonna catch a fuckin’ fade
What, what
Get the fuck up
Get the fuck up

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Mike V1.3

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