Tom: D
I gotta give credit to my friend josh for figuring out the intro and chorus riffs but i'm P=PULL OFF H=HAMMER ON /=SLIDE *=PLAY CHORD ONCE THEN MUTE IT INTRO: I'M PRETTY SURE THE OTHER PART IS PLAYED ON BASS. e-------------------------------- B----7-7P5-8-8-8/7-5-7----------- G---7-----7-7----------(PLAY 5X)- D-------------------------------- A-------------------------------- E-------------------------------- e|--------------------------- B|-7--5H7P5------------------ G|7--------7----(PLAY 1X)---- D|--------------------------- A|--------------------------- E|--------------------------- INTRO AND CHORUS RIFF: THIS IS THE RHYTHM-YOU STRUM EACH CHORD ABOUT 12X(FIGURE OUT THE STRUMMING PATTERN ON YOUR OWN) EXCEPT FOR THE LAST 4.
e---------------------------- B---------------------------- G---------------------------- D-7-------------------------- A-5---7--5---2*4*5*--7------- E-----5--3---0*2*3*--5-(PLAY e|------------------------------- B|------------------------------- G|------------------------------- D|------------------------------- A|------------------------------- E|ABOUT 6X)---------------------- THIS IS THE 2ND GUITAR PART-I DON'T HAVE THE TIMING ON HERE. e-------------------------------- B-------------------------------- G-7-9--11-12--11-14--12---11--9-- D-x-x--x--xx--x--xx--xx---x---x-- A-5-7--9--10--9--12--10---9---7-- E-------------------------------- e|--------------------------- B|--------------------------- G|11------------------------- D|x-------------------------- A|9-------------------------- E|--------------------------- e----------------------------- B----------------------------- G--7-9--11--12--11-9--11-7-6-- D--X-x--x---xx--x--x--x--x-x-- A--5-7--9---10--9--7--9--5-4-- E----------------------------- e|------------------------------ B|------------------------------ G|7/9/-7/6-7-------------------- D|x-x--x-x-x-------------------- A|5/7/-5/4-5-------------------- E|------------------------------ I was just listening to this song on the internet and heard this part and figured it out. in the intro after they play the riff 1 time another guitar comes in.: e------------------------------- B------------------------------- G-7-6-6-7-6---6H7----(PLAY AFTER D----7------7----------THE RIFF A------------------------------- E------------------------------- e|--------------------------- B|--------------------------- G|THE FIRST TIME THEY PLAY-- D|NTIL THE VERSE STARTS)----- A|--------------------------- E|--------------------------- VERSE 1: PLAY THE INTRO PALM MUTED, THERE ARE A COUPLE CHANGES BUT IT'S BASICALLY THE SAME THING. BRIDGE: I CAN'T QUITE FIGURE OUT WHAT THEY'RE PlaYING. CHORUS: PLAY THE INTRO EXCEPT LEAVE OUT THAT LAST PART. VERSE 2: SAME AS VERSE 1 WHERE HE SAYS: "SO TAKE IT SLOW": PALM MUTE AN A5 2ND GUITAR COMES IN AFTER HE SAYS "EVERY NOW AND AGAIN": e--------------------------------- B--------------------------------- G----4-7-4------------------------ D-7-7-7-7-7----------------------- A--------------------------------- E---------------------------------
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