Cameras Everywhere

The Track Record

From grey matter in my head
Directly to your heart and subsequent away message
I'm pretty much down for whatever if I must
You're not feeling photogenic
For real, we're starved for attention and also for good eats
Please help us out if you've got the time
I'm sure you'll make it

Maybe I'm only hanging with you cause you're beautiful
This place, it crawls with people just dying to bring you down
Maybe I just won't really miss you when I'm living in the moment
You call my name like you're dying to figure me out

Thanks Mom and Dad
The best parents I ever had
How did I make myself a part of this?
I must have been wise to a few tricks
This is merely charm
I'm not of age to be profound
So, I'll be watching TV to make my name
Please help us out if you've got the time
I'm sure you'll make it

You're one to keep to yourself and spell the end of me
Teach progress, teach patience, you fool
The best medicine is free

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Michel Muxfeldt

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