Plans to Wake Up on the Beach

The Track Record

It's so crazy how suicide
Occupies the minds of so, so many happy people
Don't lie you know you've thought about it, we all have
Part of growing up is asking questions

Isn't it mad weird
How our wildest dreams
Tell us about our fears and what we want out of this life
Some say that it's healthy to experience
Breakups, mistakes, letdowns, or the death of a loved one

We owe all that we have to the people in our lives
We can only hope that this song reaches you in time
Two pairs of eyes share a beautiful silence
Perfect weather breeds perfect smiles
So show me that face when you can't hold back yours
Plans to wake up on the beach
You know how it feels so fucking awesome
When a song lets you know that you're not alone
Well these 3 minutes will beckon you too
Think, dance, live, learn, teach, and love

So I'll meet you in front of Hagerstown at 10
And we'll live for the single moment
I swear I will hold you
On this bathroom wall forever
I promise not too hold this grudge against you
If you love like you've nothing to lose
I swear I will hold you

So sick of staring down at someone I don't care about
You can't make this bed feel familiar
So sick of feeling guilty for not staying the night
This will be the last time i wait to disappear at the sound of your alarm

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Michel Muxfeldt

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