Tom: G
Wolfgang Spiessl, e-mail: * from the Godzilla Soundtrack Tabbed by * Standard tuning EADGBe -For the fills use heavy distortion, rhythm guitar only slightly distorted. Fill 1: D G e|-------------------------------- B|-----10---10--------10-12p10---- G|-------------------------------- D|-------------------------------- A|-------------------------------- E|-------------------------------- e|----| B|----| 2x G|----| D|----| A|----| E|----| let ring! pull off slowly you can also try to bend the B-string from 10 up to 12 and release, but I'm not sure about it. Listen to the record to get the timing. Fill 2: Play it as bridge when you go the t C e|------------------------------- B|---7h8p7---7-----------7h8p7--- G|---------9-----7-------------9- D|------------------------------- A|------------------------------- E|------------------------------- he C-chord. D e|-------------------------------- B|7-------------7h8p7------------- G|----7---------------7----------- D|----------------------7-----7--- A|-------------------------------- E|-------------------------------- -------| -------| -------| 7h9p7--| -------| -------| "Though nothing .... ...away." Fill 3: Am e|-------------------------------- B|---7h8p7---------------7h8p7---- G|-----------9-----------------9-- D|-------------------------------- A|-------------------------------- E|-------------------------------- Em e|-------------| B|0------------| G|-------------| D|-------------| A|-------------| E|-------------| "we can beat them... ...just for ..." Chords: D G C Am Em e|-2---3---0---0---0-| B|-3---3---1---1---0-| G|-2---0---0---2---0-| D|-0---0---2---2---2-| A|-x---2---3---0---2-| E|-x---3---3---x---0-|
Intro: D (fill 1) G D (fill 1) G D G I, I wish you could swim - D Like the dolphins, like dolphins G can swim (fill 2) C D Though nothing, nothing will keep us together - (fill 3) Am Em D We can beat them for ever and ever C G D (fill 1) G D G D G (fill 2)C D Though nothing nothing will drive them away (fill 3) Am Em D C G We can be us just for one day D G D And I, I remember - Standing by G the wall D G The guns they shot above our heads - D And we kissed as though nothing G could fall (fill 2) C D (fill 3) Am Em D And the Seine was on the other side - We can beat them forever and ever C G D G D We can be heroes G D We can be heroes G D We can be heroes G D (fill 1) G D We can be heroes just one day. _____________________________________________________ Ok, that's it. Fills 2 + 3 are not exactly to hear, but I think this way it works. It's always a good thing to listen to the record to get the feeling and the special sound. This is my first tab, so please mail back if you like it or if you've got any corrections. *
Composição: Brian Eno / David BowieColaboração e revisão:

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