I've Been Delivered

The Wallflowers

Tom: E
E, B, A, E A, B, A, E E B I could break free from the A Wood of a coffin E If I need A But nothin's hard as B Gettin' free from places A E I've already been E I've been waste-deep B A In the burnin' meadows E Of my mind A In the engine B In cold December A E Shootin' fire from the hose E G#m Now turn off your lights C#m E 'Cause I'm not comin' home A B 'Til I'm delivered for the first A E time E B I was first-born to a parade A E That follows in rows A B Down a narrow cold black river A Faceless shadows E Movin' slow E I would move swift when B A E The sounds of a trumpet would blow A I've been the puppet B I've been the strings A E I know the vacant face it brings E G#m Now the bells of curfew C#m E They may ring before I'm through E But soon
A B I'll be delivered for the first A E time E You might keep clean B A E In the back of an angel motorcade A B It doesn't matter who walks in A E You know, the joke is still the same E You'll just wake up B A Like a disposable lover E Decomposed A I've been gone B I've been remembered A I've been alive E I've been the ghost E G#m So now, if downtown explodes C#m E I'll still be on this road A B 'Til I'm delivered for the first A E time E I have drawn blood B From the neckline A E When vampires were in fashion A You know I'd even learn B To cut my throat A E If I thought I could fit in E 'Cause I, I once heard B That you gotta learn A E How to blend in to this mess A Where nothin's hard B Nothin's precious A E And nothin's smooth or flawless E G#m Now, no more amused C#m E A Just screaming to be delivered B A E For the first time E B Now I'm 10 miles in the deep A E And mighty blue sea A B Looking back, towards a long white beach A E Burnin' up into yellow flames E And I just wave back B A Like a little boy up on a pony E In a show A 'Cause I can't fix B Something this complex A E Any more than I can build a rose E G#m So just keep on letting go C#m E 'Cause I must be close A B To being delivered for the first A E time E Now I'd rather bleed out B A A long stream from being lonely E And feel blessed A B Well than drown, laying face down A E In a puddle of respect E I was once lost B A In the corridors of the arena E In blindfolds A I've been the bull B I've been the whip A E I just pulled down the matador E G#m So now, turn on your lights C#m E 'Cause I'm comin' home A B I've been delivered for the first A E time E, B, A, E A, B, A, E
Composição: Jakob DylanColaboração e revisão:

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