Cigarettes & Saints

The Wonder Years

Cm com forma de Am
D# con forma de C
G# com forma de F
A# con forma de G
Tom: Eb(forma do acorde no tom de C)Capotraste na 3ª casa
C Am Twice a week I pass by the church that held your funeral G F And the pastor’s words come C pouring down like rain C How he called you a sinner but said Am now you walk with Jesus G F So the drugs that took your life C aren’t gonna cause you any pain G F C I don’t think he even knew your name G F C I refused to kneel or pray. I G F won’t remember you that way C But I lit you a candle in every G F cathedral across Europe G F I hope you know you’re still my C patron saint C Am I tried to forgive but I can’t G F forget the cigar in his fist G F I know that they were heartsick C but I need someone to blame G F And I know how they blame me. I C know what you’d say G F You’d tell me it was your fault. I C G F should put all my arrows away C G I’m sure there ain’t a heaven Am But that don’t mean I don’t like to G F picture you there G F I bet you’re bumming cigarettes C off saints
C G I’m sure you’re still singing Am But I’ll bet that you’re still just G F a bit out of key G With that crooked smile pushing F C words across your teeth Am G You were heat lightning C G You were a storm that never rolled F in Am You were the northern lights in a G C southern town, a caustic fleeting F thing Am I’ll bury your memories in the G garden C I’ll watch them grow with the G F flowers in the spring C I’ll keep you with me ( C F C F ) C These wolves in their suits and ties F Saying “kid you can trust me.” C Charming southern drawl, sunken eyes F Buying good will in hotel lobbies C They got fistfuls of pills to make F sure you don’t hurt no more You don’t gotta feel anything C Got their fangs in our veins F Got their voice in our heads F Got our arms in their grips No, we can’t shake free C This god damn machine; hungry and F heartless My whole generation got lost in the C margin We put our faith in you. You turned F a profit Now we’re drowning here under your C F waves C F Drowning held under your waves Drowning here. Drowning here C You can’t have my friends. You F can’t have my brothers You can’t have my friends. You can’t C have my brothers You can’t have my friends. You can’t F have my brothers You can’t have me. No, you can’t C have me
Composição: Dan CampbellColaboração e revisão: Renato Damiani

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