Flowers Where Your Face Should Be

The Wonder Years

Tom: D
[Primeira Parte] D Bright blue hydrangeas G D Lost in the weeds Bus stops and barbed wire on the way G to stare At the heart of the earth from the Em Poas peak Just like the ones that we grew back G Em in Jersey Hung upside down, drying out for the G wedding [Segunda Parte] D There's a man with his head in his G hands on the sidewalk D His wife's there behind him just G off of the street D She scratches his back as he sobs G D on the asphalt And what strikes me most is the G symmetry Em How they're framed just like you and me When the light from the hospital's G eastern wing
Em Tangles up in your hair and the G sadness it pooled in my heart G Starts emptying slowly [Refrão] D C#m Bm A Well I saw you last night in my G dream D C#m Bm A And there were hydrangeas where G D your face should be [Terceira Parte] The redwoods feel lonely and lunar G D and distant The sun comes in fragments through G D breaks in the trees And I feel further from home than G D I've ever been These thin lines of light across G space tether you to me Em They pull in my memories, back to G our apartment on 2nd Street Em Through the South-facing window the G light catches lengths of your hair Like a path that you left me [Refrão] D C#m Bm A Well I saw you last night in my G dream D C#m Bm But there were azaleas where your A G face should be [Ponte] D/F# Em Pieces of us in the morning sun G Sleeping bags under the 101 D/F# Em She takes off his glasses and she falls asleep again They don't got much but goddamn they G got love [Refrão] D C#m Bm A Well I saw you last night in my G G dream D C#m Bm I'm gonna marry you underneath A G driftwood from Crescent City [Final] D C#m Bm A G D A Bm A G D C#m Bm A G D A Bm A G
Composição: Dan CampbellColaboração e revisão: Renato Damiani

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