Always Been

Tkay Maidza

Always been, going in Always been, going in Yes, I'm a self made disaster But there won't be anyone after They'll look up my name, and they will see my reign was hard work to experience rapture The coming but this a new chapter And this ain't no ark I revive then I shatter I'm haunting these niggas like my name is caspar Cause they'll see my name 'til they're calling a pastor I feast on the words that don't matter If this was a race would you catch up? They'd be tripping if I'm going faster And I be working no time to elaborate
Killing them softly and I don't exaggerate Spitting so hard that I need to rehydrate Always been, going in Always been, going in Always been, going in Always been, going in I will capitalise on these fractions Pay no mind, these are my actions Dusty ass bitches they asking Fuck every question you asking They ain't legit, but I always been Wanna be on top, but I always been These niggas is lame, and they always been I'm never with them, and I always been (Always been, going in) They gotta line up, but I'm always in There is no limit, I'm going in And when it is my time, yep, going in (Always been, going in) They always the same, and I always been Right on my grind, yep I'm going in Stay with my team, and I always been
Composição: Badcop / George Maple / Tkay MaidzaColaboração e revisão: Del Banks

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