Finish Them

Tkay Maidza

I'm the underground kween this zone its me Fellas up grounds tryna steal my free Sayin arm up but they built like trees When they see me arm up spreadin out like fleas Run run, like a niggas seen a cop vroom vroom Aways do the same but I be in the slum slum On something new. I will never tell them But when I tell them, will be when sell dem Never with fella that can not afford dem Need sl, margiela tell dem Money tight like assholes I dont condemn Better step the game up wanna roll with tm 18, Got them all in a bunch It eat him for lunch, no love cause I just get to the punch They been, waitin out for the brunch And they wanna munch I never let them dig with a scrunch
If a fake wanna be, gotta give a fake fees Tryna live on me but think I dont see Never sat with me when I was sitting hungry But theyre like "oh remember" … funny They cant remember their reason for sense Cos stalking my page more important than rent Shit will be funny till they on the end of the street sinking quick so they can a get pen Let me finish them Fella with the silly hem They not really men Sissy when real is in Never seen real tight Till I'm in the den And they're so tight Bet theyre getting men Bets on them bets when I'm in I pay free Hiding the residuals, cos they will pay me I know what you relish bet you wanna buy me Three drinks but I'm armed only in for sight sees Might give it to em, but I'm never chillen with em They out here holding hands But I'm here billing villians Always been loyal, and I'm steady fishin Big dreams, aint no fellas in this steady vision Big dreams, aint not fellas in here steady listening Go for the mini skirts, but the brain don't glisten And whens its time to raise hands for who killin Bitches I'm gonna be alone cos every bodys missing
Composição: Badcop / George Maple / Tkay MaidzaColaboração e revisão: Del Banks

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